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A fantastic piece for 4 horn soloists and choir by Martin Ødegaard. Horn soloists: Julius Pranevičius, Daniel Weiseth Kjellesvik, Niklas Sebastian Grenvik and Marie Solum Gran. Conductor: Tone Bianca Sparre Dahl. Choir: Schola Cantorum. Label: 2l

A concert with The Norwegian Wind Ensemble on NRK: Hovedscenen. Click the photo to watch it at NRK TV (only available in Norway).

Skjermbilde 2021-03-14 kl. 23.32.33.png

Oslo Kammerakademi

I've been playing with Oslo Kammerakademi since 2014, and have been taking part of the recordings Mozart for Wind Octet (2017), Chanson et Dances (2019) and The Silk Road (2023). I usually play the 2nd horn part.


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Horn player Niklas Sebastian Grenvik
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